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Soller targets land that has the potential to feed our opportunistic strategies or land that has the potential to have extensive value enhancement through the achievement of planning permission  


Soller's opportunistic strategy targets land and ageing real estate stock in which there is an opportunity to create Grade A space through re-development or ground-up development. Soller has extensive project management and capital markets expertise to mitigate risks and ensure the delivery of Grade A space


Soller places emphasis on location, attractive rental trends, undersupply and has a rapidly increasing focus on ESG initiatives, which combine to drive our acquisition strategy


Soller’s value add strategy targets operational assets whereby increased returns can be generated through intensive asset and/or financial management


These assets tend to have multiple correctable impairments that Soller applies it’s expertise in amending


Soller’s Core-Plus strategies focus on assets with typically only a small number of correctable impairments that it can improve or repair


This strategy is designed to generate returns with a higher proportion of current income and through which stabilisation can be achieved in a short time-period 


Soller prides itself on our team's diverse investment expertise and as a result will analyze opportunities covering almost all asset classes and locations within the UK and selective European Markets


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