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Soller believes that doing the right thing for our people and our communities will lead to better results for our stakeholders and investors.


We aspire to deliver ESG best practices through the entire real estate investment and development process, asset and risk management processes, and employee work environment


Our environmental commitment is global, and is shared by all employees.

We believe that applying responsible resource reduction strategies will enhance our environmental and investment performance.

We advocate for operating practices, materials, products, and construction methods that consider impacts on human health, increase use of sustainable and renewable energy materials, protect habitats and preserve biodiversity, and reduce pollution and CO2 emissions throughout the real estate asset lifecycle.


Enhance community benefit through direct interaction and consultation with local stakeholders on our projects.

Commitment to community involvement through corporate grants and charitable contributions, while our employees’ volunteer time, skills and resources to community organizations that increase human potential, individual self-sufficiency, and diversity.


Creating a rewarding and inclusive work environment through a policy of innovation and a culture of performance excellence.

Attract, develop and retain the best people and do business with counterparties and advisors that align with our values.

We endorse small, minority and women-owned business development; market competition, and control of operating costs.


Protection and promotion of human rights in all aspects of our business.

Culture of respect extends beyond our employees to independent contractors, interns, volunteers, agents, vendors, clients and customers.

Committed to the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights, within our company and our counterparties.


ESG issues central all business standards and policies.

Embrace corporate responsibility, accountability, fairness, ethics and integrity, and transparency in stakeholder relationships.

Independent assessments of ESG goals on an annual basis.


We take pride in our policies. 

If you would like to find out more about any of our company policies please get in contact.

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